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#91: Daily and Sunday strip reprints.

#92: Reprints "Our Gang and the Mystery Treasure" from Australian Christmas special of the early 1950s. This is an slightly edited and shortened version of a 7-part story originally published in Our Gang comics.

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TONY MACLAY SET: Walt Kelly illustrated three children's books under the pseudonym Tony Maclay. These four issues reprint all three and, for "Trouble on the Ark," also include the preliminary draft of the book. $15

"WALT KELLY"S POGO" SET: Reprints the entire run of the revived strip from 1989 to 1992. Includes interviews and all publicity and specialty drawings for the strip. $100

"WALT'S WESTERN WORK" set: 9 issues covering Kelly's comic book work for Dell Comics/Western Publishing. Each issue includes a bibliography of the issues covered. $35

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