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If you're in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, please join us at the FallCon Comic Book Party. Not only will we have Pogo and other Walt Kelly material, but a large collection of Platinum and Golden Age comics and original art. Click on the link at the right for information about location, guests and other dealers.

The Pogo Fan Club is a loosely-knit mail fan club, which began in 1984. We have as a goal the study and preservation of all aspects of Walt Kelly's career and, in spite of our name, do not limit ourselves to Pogo. If you're interested in any of Walt Kelly's creations, or just interested in funny animals or humor comic strips in general, you will undoubtedly find kindred spirits among our members. You'll find us throughout the United States, as well as Canada, Europe and Australia.

The Pogo Fan Club operates with the approval of the Walt Kelly Estate, The Okefenokee Glee and Perloo, Inc. (OGPI). The Fort Mudge Most, our official bi-monthly magazine, includes letters, strips, "new" Kelly collectible discoveries, and a buy/sell/trade column. Reader- produced articles and art are welcomed and encouraged.

For subscription information, the contents of the current issue, and an index to previous issues, please click on the link to the left. All back issues are kept in print. Non-subscribing members still receive announcements of upcoming events.

Steve Thompson, the editor of the Most, is working on a book-length biography of Kelly, and has uncovered many previously unknown Kelly productions which have made their appearance in the magazine. We also reprint limited- distribution items, as well as stories and artwork too scarce or expensive for most fans to be able to see. In addition to dialy and Sunday strip reprints, from #8 (March 1989) to #37 (January 1994), we published the revived Walt Kelly's Pogo newspaper strip.

While part of our goal is the serious study of Kelly's art and career, we also try not to take that study too seriously. After all, Kelly was a great humorist, and if we study humor too much,it's not funny for long.

If you are a fan of Walt Kelly or Pogo, we invite you to join our version of the ol' Swamp boat -- all it takes is an expression of interest. For those who don't see themselves joining a "Fan Club," we also operate as The Walt Kelly Society.

Because our members are scattered all over the world, most of our activity is by mail or the Web. We do hold a formal convention every year in the spring as part of the Pogofest in Waycross, Georgia, and have had irregular gatherings on other occasions.

We welcome questions from members and non-members alike. Just click on Choo-Choo Curtis at the left to ask, or send earthmail to Spring Hollow Books, 6908 Wentworth, Richfield MN 55423 and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

OGPI Is Now Online!

The official site for Okefenokee Glee and Perloo, Inc. is now online. Guar-an-double-teed to have the most up-to-date details about everything in the Pogofenokee. Click the banner and the ever-lovin' Swamp Boat will whisk you there immediately.

WANT MORE POGO? These links will take you to other sites run by PFC members. If you know of any other sites, or would like to recommend non-Pogo sites you think other fans might enjoy, by all means let us know. is run by Marilyn White and contains a wealth of information on Pogofests past and future.

IGoPogo@yahoo is a chat list dealing with all things Pogo. The list is just getting started and is fairly quiet now, but as more people sign on it should get quite lively.

John Fawcett's marvelous Antique Toy Museum site has a page with original Kelly art, including some Christmas themed work. Click on Bandrew Banewort's version to the right to go there directly, and be sure to check out the rest of the museum as well. If you're in the Waldoboro Maine area, check it out in person!
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